April Rodeghero   CPD

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April Rodeghero:

Placenta Remedies Specialist

Currently Certified. Ask to see my certificate.

  I want to encapsulate... What are the next steps?

  1. Call April at 573-673-6684 to book your encapsulation. Booking before birth is preferable. Sign your encapsulation agreement and make a payment plan.
  2. Communicate with your birth team about your plan to use the placenta.
  3. Have someone on your birth team call April when you go into labor and when you give birth to make arrangements.
  4. The placenta should stay refrigerated (not frozen) and be taken to your home. It is helpful to assign someone to transport the placenta before birth.
  5. April will come to your home within the first 24-72 hours and prepare the placenta
  6. April will go over products and dosing guidelines with you.

For one $250 fee you receive:

A cord Keepsake

Placenta Tincture

Placenta Salve

Placenta Pills

Broth and Recipes

For an Additional $25  I can also do a Placenta art piece with Natural Food Safe Coloring

Payment Plans are negotiable.

What Mothers Say about April as a Placenta Remedy Specialist:

“We had April encapsulate our placenta, or rather half of it, the other half is buried in our yard and will get a tree planted over it for our daughters 1st birthday. It was very helpful that she included suggestions for taking the pills on the cute jar that they were all in.  I was surprised at how quickly she had them ready and am very pleased with how they seem to help me. Even with only doing half the placenta she was able to provide me with enough pills to last me 2 months post-partum and I still continue to take them for the first couple days of each menstrual cycle to help keep my energy level up. We will definitely use her service again in the future!”

“Having my placenta encapsulated and having the tincture literally saved my marriage and made me more patient with my children! Almost a year later and I’m still using my tincture at least once a week. Thank you April!”

Experience the full benefits of your placenta!

  1. A majority of other mammals know that the placenta is the ultimate “Mother’s Helper”.
  2. Consuming your placenta after birth can increase milk supply, guard against anemia, fatigue, and postpartum depression.
  3. Placenta encapsulation allows you to consume your steamed placenta in pill form.
  4. As an encapsulation specialist I come to your home after the birth to prepare your placenta into capsules that can be taken throughout postpartum recovery.
  5. This simple elegant process allows you to recycle this amazing organ back into your body.

*Text taken with permission from Lilly Mason*