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Preparing for an Emergency with Little ones

Posted on April 21, 2013 at 11:25 PM

You have the genius friend of mine Carole to thank for this post. We were chatting about creating an emergency bag to have ready to go when you need it. We discussed how always having a packed diaper bag ready to go is one way to make this happen but also that, that is sort of for a minor emergency. What do you do with a little ones in the house when there is a tornado or a fire? Or something worse and it benefits you to have items they need ready to go.

This post is meant to help you feel safer by being prepared. When you have things ready to go in case of an emergency that is one less thing to worry about. Below are some links to get you started in making a plan that best suits your family. Of course lots of things you might prepare would be related to where you live since emergencies can be associated with weather. Browse around and see what you find.

After the links I am giving you some insight as to what my family does to prepare. Please feel free to use ideas that work for your family from what I present here.







Here is a picture of the large backpack we have packed for my family of 3(two adults/1toddler). In addition to this bag we discuss where to go in the event of a tornado and in other scenarios related to safety.



This backpack contains: Diapers, wipes, non-pershable food items water, and a can opener, a pocket knife, a whistle, small blankets, toys/clothes, glow sticks, flashlight, am/fm radio, rain poncho and an emergency blanket.

It is important to note that kids grow out of clothes and toys. So make it a point to check the bag at least 3 times a year to make sure everything is still right for your family. The same with the food, even canned goods go bad.

Backpack unpacked:


I hope you found this information helpful. Please discuss and ask questions!




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