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Right Now it is all about birth

Posted on September 26, 2012 at 8:25 PM

Does anyone else feel it? It is hard to define. There is magic happening in Columbia Missouri right now. The magic of women, the magic of birth.

Film after film is being premiered here. Starting with Guerilla Midwife, Then Freedom to Birth, Then Birth Story coming up at Citizen Jane. Us birth junkies have a rally and people come! Amazing!

It is not just the doulas and midwives who are feeling this though. The mamas and other people are too. There are doctors getting on board with our cause, and lawyers too.

We are developing a web of community that wants to know more about how birth impacts us all. How the care we give to new moms and babies, to new families develops into the care we give this planet and all people on it.

So if ever you had any interest in birth, now is the time! Talk to people! Let's get the word out that there is more than one way to come into the world. The time is ripe for compassion and peace, and understanding to make it's way into this important part of our lives.

As a postpartum doula I could not be more happy to see people becoming aware of their choices, to becoming aware of this movement. I love that doctors and lawyers can see it too, because there is a science behind what women have believed for millenia.

Fighting for the right to birth how you choose, the right to be informed of all your choices, the right to the care you and your family deserve during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period is a Human Right.

So let's get out there and excercise it!



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