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Doulas: Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

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Doulas are (usually) women trained to help you during the birth and postpartum period. They can be described as helpers, mothers, and/or non-medical support. There are doulas every where in the world working to help new moms and new and old families alike feel supported and loved as they welcome new additions to their family.


There are two main types of doulas, birth and postpartum. Birth doulas are non-medical labor support. Postpartum doulas are like a great mom or friend. No seriously, they are professionally trained support for the whole family and home after the birth of their baby. My favorite description of a doula that has been floating around on facebook lately is in green above.

Postpartum doulas make sure the family is eating, drinking, and resting and does many household things so that the family can focus on learning how to welcome this new being into their lives and family.

A postpartum doula might: offer physical, emotional and spiritual support, clean, cook, give a mom some time to shower, help with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, refer to specialists in breastfeeding, or other health care, feed pets, help with other children or even help a new family manage over zealous well-wishers. Postpartum doulas often help with learning how to take care of a new baby, run errands and do general advocating for the family.

I know, I know there is a lot there about postpartum doulas and that is because I am currently certifying to be one with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpatum Professional Association)


Birth doulas are great though, at the birth of my daughter we could not have asked for a better and more knowledgeable advocate than our doula. I also will likely become a certified birth doula in the future (I attend some births now by request).

This is all a very natural extension for me of my original Bachelor's Degree. It is in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. So I am just working with EARLY EARLY childhood now! ;)


Doulas are everywhere and the numbers of them are growing. As more people become educated about their choices during birth and as new parents the demands for doulas increases. We really are great advocates and mentors for whatever it is that you want.


Birth Doulas generally meet with you 2-8 times before the birth of your baby. These meetings can include the entire family. They will then come when you call to say you are in active labor and stay for the duration of your labor, until you have strongly established breastfeeding (in general, each doula varies). They will usually also visit with you postpartum at least once.

Postpartum doulas will generally work with their availability and your needs to determine what, how much, how often and for how long you need the help. it is different in each situation! The will meet with you at least once before the birth.

Why? The goal of a doula is to help you achieve your birth related goals and your goals as a new parent. They fill in the gaps that are non medical. Healthcare providers tend to leave the spiritual, social, and psychological aspects of birth to the parents. Most all parents dont really know where to begin. Doulas can help build a bridge. As an advocate who is knowledgeable about birth and newborns they can help you make the best possible choices for your family.

A world with doulas is a world where women are encouraged to trust their bodies, and families have the tools and information they need to make the best decisions.

Doulas are often associated with births with fewer complications and more confident mothers/parents and healthy babies.

Want to learn more about doulas locally?

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Interested in a postpartum doua? I would love to chat with you. My first meeting is always free! email me at: [email protected] or call


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New Website

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If you are viewing this that means my website is up and running and that is awesome!

I have a website, whoa!

Please check back and I will share my insights from: doula-ing, placenta encapsulating, babywearing, parenting, cupcake making and of course training.

This is a place for people to learn more about what I offer the Columbia Community and to see my background, experience and education.

I am always up for constructive criticism so if you have anything helpful I can change or add please let me know.

Living in the Now,